A Naked Confession: How to kick your body insecurities to the curb

Am I alone in saying that I don’t feel my best all the time, and feeling beautiful is not a perpetual feeling that lasts throughout the week? As young women (and men) we all face challenges throughout our lives and it is hard to look and feel 100% all of the time. But what if I was to say this, no matter what you are going through and where you are in life, through it all you, YES YOU are beautiful.

We are living in a digital age where we are bombarded more so than ever by images of other women and men plastered on our screens as the “perfect” image with the “perfect” lives. But you know what, I think it’s sad. It’s sad that society has placed too much value on our appearances because that is only one aspect of a person. I feel as though women feel the pressure to look a certain way to attract a certain level of attention from the world.

I know that many women and young teenage girls compare themselves to the photo shopped models that have been edited to the hills and craftily cropped into those glossy magazines. How shallow has society become to place too much value on something that is knowingly not real?

I believe that it is our responsibility as a new generation to use digital platforms to our advantage, and to leverage a new movement called “the age of self love”. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place?

Now some may say that we may be too concerned with looking and loving ourselves when the world needs us to be giving and more altruistic. I do agree up until a point; but I feel that the path to a better world starts with us. We are in an age where depression and anxiety is reaching an all time high with people feeling the pressure to reach ideals that are simply unrealistic. I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t feel inspired by others; however, I am simply suggesting that we have a responsibility to tend to ourselves and our needs and happiness and respect ourselves by loving what we got!

When you fill your own cup so to speak, you can share and be whole and full of love, ideas and altruism for others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that beholder is not someone outside of yourself, that’s too much pressure for onlookers. It is the person who is looking in the mirror, it’s you.

So my final thoughts on this matter are, love yourself and your flaws and your quirks, and I am not just saying “love yourself ” for the sake of it, I really mean it. It’s our responsibility to own our own happiness and wellbeing, and to do the work. Get to know who you are and take care for our own world.

Remember that nothing and nobody can compare to you because there is only one you in this whole universe, and that my friend is pretty amazing. So, you know what you’re going to do right? You’re going to own it, rock it, shake it, yell it or heck just be it, and that my friend, is YOU.


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Hi guys! A warm welcome from me, you are my friend already! :) I am sharing my experiences of living in the 21st century, getting back to the natural isle of you. I believe we are living in worlds of our own, like an island. No man's an island, they say, but I beg to differ. WE are all living together, but alone simultaneously, and it is in the moments alone, that we figure out who we are and what environment we need to be in to thrive. Getting back to the natural isle of you is about self-love at its very core. Through self love, we can change our world, and change the world around us for the better! Sending a lovely to meet and connect with you! Here I share posts on self love, sunshine and natural living. Feel free to contact me: islandsvictoria@gmail.com Victoria Islands Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/victoriaislands/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/IslandsVictoria Blog: https://victoriaislands.wordpress.com/

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